COVID-19 Emergency Aid Relief

Before COVID-19, over 51 million people in Bangladesh were food insecure and suffering from acute hunger. Now, as unemployed workers flee larger cities to shelter in rural areas, food shortages and price gouging are leaving millions destitute as their world collapses. In the rural villages most affected, our aid teams are making the difference for thousands of families facing starvation right now. Our response teams have distributed food and supplies to over 40,000 people in marginalized areas so far.

Help bring emergency aid relief.
$40 will help a family escape starvation.

$10 impacts 1 person
$30 impacts 3 people
$50 impacts 5 people
$100 impacts 10 people
$250 impacts 25 people
$500 impacts 50 people
$1000 impacts 100 people

Partner with us to bring hope