//Flood Relief: IMMEDIATE NEED!



Flooding is currently ravaging the communities in which we serve. There have been hundreds of deaths and millions displaced from their homes.  Many of these are GFM loan recipients, women, and children.  Please help us fight against the devastation of this natural disaster by donating to our Flood Relief Fund today! 

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Teams have been deployed through GFM and have been distributing food and water to families in need over the last few days. Rivers are continuing to overflow and flooding is expected to worsen.

With your partnership, GFM is helping over 2,000 families (close to 10,000 children and adults) by bringing critical relief to flood-ravaged parts of Bangladesh.

We need your help now, as floodwaters continue to displace more families.

Help us extend aid to 2,000 more families
(10,000 people) in our care.

Currently, $60,000 is needed to meet urgent needs like food,
clean drinking water, and other critical supplies.

$30 will help 1 Family
$60 will help 2 Families
$120 will help 4 Families
$300 will help 10 Families
$3,000 will help 100 Families
$6,000 will help 200 Families
$9,000 will help 300 Families
$60,000 will help 2,000 Families
Send food and water to families right now by giving online today!



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