Medical Aid

//Medical Aid
  • Sponsor A Rural Clinic

    Sponsor Hope Medical Center


    Our 13,000+  sq ft Hope Medical Center provides the only primary medical care in a region of 100,000+ villagers. Eye care, surgeries, and OBGYN care are also provided, serving a critical need of families. Lives of child brides and their babies are being saved with this unprecedented access to care. Hope Medical Center houses doctors and medical staff and serves as a base for humanitarian teams.

    $60,000 is needed to provide medical equipment and supplies to further equip our remote hospital. Will you partner with us to bring medical care to unreached people through the love of Christ?
  • Sponsor a Midwife


    GFM has an urgent need for prenatal medical care!  

    Our midwives travel from village to village, making house calls to deliver both prenatal and delivery care. You can help by sponsoring a midwife!  $100 will cover 1-month of a midwife's salary.   

  • Sponsor Our Self-sustaining Pediatric Hospital


    Can you imagine living in a large city in the U.S. and having no access to healthcare? That’s what families experience in South Asia every day.

    To address this critical need for the millions of children, we are creating a self-sustaining pediatric hospital that will reach an area of over 3 million with lifesaving and preventative healthcare. Our goal is to become the first self-sustaining pediatric hospital in the region, serving poor communities with unprecedented access to quality pediatric care. Creating new hope for the most vulnerable children and families of South Asia.

  • Medicine Pack

    Every day, thousands of children die because they do not have access to basic medicines that could save their lives. Provide essential pharmaceuticals and medical supplies like antibiotics, anti-parasitic drugs, pain killers, anti-fungals, de-worming medications, and gastrointestinal drugs through a medicine pack at our pharmacy.
  • sponsor a doctor

    Provide a Doctor

    From $300.00 / month

    Prenatal and women’s healthcare are greatly needed in the developing world. Many Muslim families do not feel comfortable with a male doctor in this role. GFM provides a female OBGYN doctor to care for these women with their unique needs. For many of these women (both young and old), their visit to our rural  Clinic is the first doctor’s visit in their lifetime.

    Our doctors serve at a rural Clinic and make house calls in emergency situations. Help provide a full-time female OBGYN specialist or a general practice doctor in a rural area of South Asia for $300/month or $3,600/year (or a one time share of $300).