Girls and Women

//Girls and Women
  • educate a girl

    Educate a Girl

    From $6.00 / month

    Transform the life of a young girl. For so many children in South Asia going to school is only a dream.  Girls have even greater challenges in contexts where child brides are common.

    Even though they are smart, eager to learn, and hard-working, they do not have the resources or opportunity to attend a school. But you can change a girl’s life forever, opening a door to success and spiritual hope! $6 / month or sponsor an entire first-year for $72.

  • widow feeding program

    Widow Care Program

    Widows in developing countries are often left without a means to provide for themselves.  Help a widow experience God’s love and provision through the widow feeding program.
  • baskets

    Basket Weaving Micro-loan

    Through skilled handiwork with bamboo, an entrepreneur can start a business of weaving baskets, which are in high demand in the rural areas. Bamboo baskets are used for many things such as transporting groceries, collecting a harvest from the field, and storage. For $75 you can give a glimmer of hope to a family through the opportunity to start or develop a business and pay back their loan.
  • farming supplies

    Farming Supplies


    Cultivate good soil in the hearts of Muslims that will be receptive to the Gospel by helping a village farmer in need! Planting season is vital to poor rural farmers in Bangladesh. Over 80% of the people there are farmers, growing crops such as rice, wheat, corn, vegetables, mustard seed, and jute.

    For $80 you can provide a set of tools or seeds and fertilizer for a family to cultivate a small piece of land and provide food for their families throughout the year.

  • sewing machine

    Sewing Machine


    A widow’s life is especially difficult in South Asia with few jobs available for her to support her family. Sewing machines can be invaluable assets to poverty-stricken widows and others who struggle each day to have enough to eat.

    You can provide a sewing machine to help a needy family start a tailoring business, putting clothes on the backs of children and food on a family’s table.

  • Handicrafts


    Are any of your clothes made in a village in Bangladesh? Textile production like this needlepoint example provides a great way for families in poverty to support themselves with a roof overhead and food in their stomachs throughout the year.

    $100 can change the lives of an entire family while they use the micro-loan toward a family cottage industry in making textiles to sell.

  • Sponsor a Midwife


    GFM has an urgent need for prenatal medical care!  

    Our midwives travel from village to village, making house calls to deliver both prenatal and delivery care. You can help by sponsoring a midwife!  $100 will cover 1-month of a midwife's salary.   

  • scholarship for a girl

    Scholarship for a Girl


    Prevent child marriages and human trafficking by providing a scholarship for an adolescent girl to attend junior high and high school. Girls have particular challenges in contexts where families make their daughters eligible for marriage at a young age or sell them into human trafficking due to financial hardship.

    Even though they are smart, eager to learn, and hard-working, they do not have the resources or opportunity to attend a school. But you can change a young woman’s life forever, opening a door of hope and a brighter future for both her and her future family.

  • Dairy Cow For A Woman

    Dairy Cow for a Woman


    A cow can produce over 200,000 glasses of milk during its lifetime! A gift of $375 provides a cow for an Asian family in need, supplying plenty of nourishing milk filled with calcium, vitamin D, and protein to help children develop strong bones, minds, and muscles.

    Extra milk can be sold at market, while new calves born can be sold for additional income. The cow dung is used for cooking fuel and fertilizer.

    For $550 you can bless a family with a cow and a calf, supplying instant income to pay the loan back and send your gift on to another poor family.

  • Business Micro-loan

    Help a small business owner, such as a craftswoman or a grocery shopkeeper, stock her small business. For $300 you can empower a family to come out of poverty with dignity and provide for their basic needs.