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Thousands of children will die today due to preventable causes. Villagers in the areas we serve suffer from a variety of water-borne diseases and infections as well as from malnutrition and other health complications that arise from poverty-stricken living conditions. We address critical issues in maternal and child health, bringing vital medicines, treatment, and interventions that save lives.

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Saving Amina’s Burned Leg

Amina fell into an open fire she was tending while helping her family at home. By the time she came to us for medical treatment, it was significantly infected from the severe burn, and if left untreated, her leg could have been lost.

Through the help she received from our medical team to clean and treat the wound, her leg was completely healed. Not only is she able to continue her studies and run and play as before, but she and her family experienced the love of Jesus.

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Hope Medical Center

Our 13,000+  sq ft Hope Medical Center provides the only primary medical care in a region of 100,000+ villagers. Eye care, surgeries, and OBGYN care are also provided, serving a critical need of families. Lives of child brides and their babies are being saved with this unprecedented access to care. Hope Medical Center also houses doctors and medical staff and serves as a base for humanitarian teams.

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Free Eyeglasses Change Lives

We have distributed thousands of free eyeglasses to villagers in poverty, such as this senior woman. Eyeglasses change lives and bring glimmers of hope as villagers can see clearly again in order to continue working to bring in an income to provide for their families. They can read, complete everyday household chores such as mending, or simply enjoy the faces of their family and friends and the beauty of God’s creation.

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Treating and Preventing Arsenic Poisoning

Children are suffering from long-term arsenic poisoning due to lack of clean drinking water. Such contamination in the water can cause skin problems and cancer. You can partner with us to help bring clean water to families or a community.

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“If you spend yourselves on behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday.” (Isaiah 58:10)

Our Areas of Impact

Economic Development
Economic Development

Small loans help families come out of poverty with dignity

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Empowering Women

Fight human trafficking by providing empowering opportunities for women and girls

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Help break the cycle of illiteracy for families in need

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Save lives with basic healthcare and vital medicines

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Clean Water & Humanitarian Aid

Show families in need they are not forgotten, but treasured by their Creator!

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Food & Agriculture

Build food security and fight hunger

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U.S. Work

Attend a conference and engage in ministry to your neighbors

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Faith In Action

Following Jesus’ example in faith and love

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