Fight hunger through self-sustaining projects

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Over 12% of the people in the world will go to bed hungry tonight. The poor farmers we serve are willing to work hard, but they just need an opportunity to change their lives. GFM helps meet both immediate food needs and invests in sustainable food solutions for the future.

Who Knew that Working for Peanuts Would Yield So Much!

“For years I tried growing rice, jute, and other crops, but my field was not producing enough. These people helped me to test the soil, and we discovered that this field is great for growing peanuts. With the agricultural training I also received from this organization I’ve learned how to cultivate and tend the field for peanuts. With the micro-loan I received, this year I was able to produce enough income to feed my family the whole year.”

– Kasim, Farmer and Micro-loan Recipient

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Amina’s Bumper Crop of Cucumbers

Amina had been growing rice for some time on the land she leased, but she and her family were still barely getting by. She couldn’t make much profit since everyone around her also grew rice.

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Khadija’s Goat

Khadija’s husband became ill and was unable to provide for their family. She took out a micro-loan for her first goat. Within a year she paid back the loan and bought another goat while she sold the milk and raised their offspring.

With the money she made from the micro-loan investment she has been able to help support her family, including 3 children.

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Fish Farm

We believe in “teaching a man to fish” beyond just giving a fish for a day. Not only are our micro-loans sustainable solutions to poverty, our partner’s aquaculture fish farm system (growing fish in tanks) includes sustainable farming methods. Each aquaculture unit involves an efficient method for raising fish like catfish in a recirculating environment, which uses less water.

This meets a vital need in the communities we serve, as shortages of fish are common. This fish farm project provides nutritious fish, jobs, and opportunities to transform lives with eternal hope as villagers also meet fishers of men.

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Widow Care Program

Widows in poverty-stricken areas often have an especially hard life, as they frequently have difficulty providing for themselves. Our widow care program helps to meet immediate hunger needs and helps these women find long-term solutions to hunger as well, helping them to know they are not forgotten, but treasured by their Creator.

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” – James 1:27

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Our Areas of Impact

Economic Development
Economic Development

Small loans help families come out of poverty with dignity

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Empowering Women

Fight human trafficking by providing empowering opportunities for women and girls

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Help break the cycle of illiteracy for families in need

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Save lives with basic healthcare and vital medicines

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Clean Water & Humanitarian Aid

Show families in need they are not forgotten, but treasured by their Creator!

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Food & Agriculture

Build food security and fight hunger

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U.S. Work

Attend a conference and engage in ministry to your neighbors

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Faith In Action

Following Jesus’ example in faith and love

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