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For tens of millions of primary-school-age children across the globe, going to school is only a dream.

Many students that are enrolled drop out of school primarily because of financial hardship on their families, as children are often needed to work to help support the family income. These children also face increased risk of exploitation, early marriage, and lower income-earning potential.


Overcoming Barriers

We address barriers to educational access in the developing world, working with families and community leaders to improve the opportunities for and quality of education available, transforming lives one child at a time. Our partner rural primer schools serve families who are oral communicators. For many, this is the first opportunity to break the cycle of illiteracy for their families.

Educate A Child

Education On The Next Level

We engage educational solutions for development of primary, secondary, and adult education. For example, we provide scholarships for adolescent females who would otherwise be more likely to enter into child marriages or face exploitation situations. Many young women also raise chickens with their micro-loans to support their continuing education into secondary school.

Educate A Child

Salman’s Story

In this region plagued by poverty, it is not uncommon for young children to enter the workforce at age 7, many without the opportunity to attend any formal education system at all…

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Our Areas of Impact

Economic Development
Economic Development

Small loans help families come out of poverty with dignity

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Empowering Women

Fight human trafficking by providing empowering opportunities for women and girls

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Help break the cycle of illiteracy for families in need

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Save lives with basic healthcare and vital medicines

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Clean Water & Humanitarian Aid

Show families in need they are not forgotten, but treasured by their Creator!

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Food & Agriculture

Build food security and fight hunger

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U.S. Work

Attend a conference and engage in ministry to your neighbors

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Faith In Action

Following Jesus’ example in faith and love

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