See how micro-loans change everything

Bulbuli (pictured above) escaped child marriage by opening her own chicken farm. Every day our micro-loans are saving lives. Thousands of families have escaped extreme poverty, human trafficking, and child marriage. And we're just getting started.  268,979 micro-loans have been given to empower families through our loan branches across Bangladesh. We are

Watch How Sheuli Became an Employer

Sheuli (pictured above) escaped poverty by becoming an entrepreneur and now employs eight people in her village. It's astonishing to see how one act of compassion can bring transformational hope to a family on the brink of devastation. But it's even more astounding to see that hope multiply again and

A New Crop & a New Life

A New Crop & a New Life Nadiya was born in the middle of a crisis. Her village was starving and on the brink of collapse. Everyone, including her parents, were rice farmers. When she was born, large rice producers in a neighboring district began to flood the rural villages with

Micro-loans Give Education

Micro-loans Give Education Sabina is an educator at heart. She is a teacher in one GFM's 28 free rural village schools. Many of her students are the first in their family to go to school--breaking the cycle of illiteracy that was passed down through generations. In her class, she teaches

Economic Development Opens Doors

Economic Development Opens Doors Sadiya and her family are experiencing a whole new life. For the first time in generations, poverty will not haunt her family. Her father works in construction, and work is often hard to find. When he was working on a project, they could barely make ends meet.

Working For More Than Peanuts

Working For More Than Peanuts Monira was in a tough spot. Her husband had been injured and could not work. As a day laborer, he had barely earned enough for them to survive, and now all hope seemed to be lost. In Monira's village, destitute families are often forced to sell

Ending Poverty Sustainably

Ending Poverty Sustainably Rashad felt like a failure. No matter the job, he was never able to earn enough to feed his family. His children would go hungry each day. It was never enough. He began to look for a solution, but without an education, he could only

Hope Hospital Is Now Open

Hope Hospital is now open As early as 12 years old, young girls are given in marriage by their families to help ease the financial burdens. Childbirths among these girls, where the mother is not physically mature, are dangerous and increase their chances of health complications during pregnancy

Education Is Everything

Education Is Everything Seven-year-old Anik wants to be a doctor. He lives on a remote island in the middle of a large river in South Asia, without electricity, without running water, and without an opportunity for an education – until this year. Both of his parents cannot read or

Our Innovative Fish Farm

Our Innovative Fish Farm Sustainable protein is a vital part of a healthy diet. In South Asia, there is a significant shortage of fish in the communities we serve. Due to overfishing in nearby water sources and the high cost of protein, many families do not have sufficient

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