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Hear From Those That Have Partnered With Us

“I got so much out of this conference! I learned how God is reaching people from Muslim backgrounds, I learned what I can do to be more effective in conversations with my Muslim friends, and I made so many helpful contacts with other people interested in bringing God’s light to Muslim peoples.”

Dallas, TX

“We thoroughly enjoyed this years conference. Our initial hesitations and reluctancies to engage Muslim people in spiritual conversations is now non existent. We are excited to be able to more effectively and lovingly share the good news of our Lord and Savior with Muslims. Thank you so much!”

David & Katie
Duncanville, TX

“I was thoroughly blessed by attending this conference. I work in a school where many of the staff and families are Muslims. I feel that I have been placed in that school by God to be an intercessor for these dear people. The testimonies from MBBs were highly inspirational, and encouraged me to continue on praying for open doors to share “Isa” with the Muslims whom I come in contact with.”

Carrollton, TX