As the nations of the world seek to find ways to reopen locked down economies, millions of people are bracing for the largest threat of the COVID-19 pandemic – starvation.

In countries like Bangladesh already ravaged by poverty, it’s becoming all too apparent that more people could potentially die from the economic impact of COVID-19 than from the virus itself. Reports from the UN World Food Program and other organizations show that 265 million people worldwide are at risk for starvation caused by the coronavirus pandemic – doubling estimates from earlier this year. The World Bank estimates that global poverty will rise for the first time since 1990, pushing over 8% of the world’s population into poverty through mass unemployment and lockdowns to contain COVID-19.

Countries like Bangladesh face some of the worst economic conditions of countries that now face starvation. Throughout the pandemic and shutdowns to contain it, incomes in Bangladesh have dropped 80% – crippling both rural and urban areas. Over 2.2 million garment workers have already lost their jobs, additionally affecting around 15 million people reliant on the industry.

Before COVID-19, over 51 million people in Bangladesh were food insecure and suffering from acute hunger. Now, as unemployed workers flee larger cities to shelter in rural areas, food shortages and price gouging are leaving millions destitute as their world collapses. In the rural villages most affected, our aid teams are making the difference for thousands of families facing starvation right now.

Our goal is to send emergency aid to 53,000
people in rural villages where we serve.
$40 will help a family escape starvation.

$10 impacts 1 person
$30 impacts 3 people
$50 impacts 5 people
$100 impacts 10 people
$250 impacts 25 people
$500 impacts 50 people
$1000 impacts 100 people

Starvation poses the greatest risk to those in extreme poverty during the COVID-19 pandemic. $530,000 in emergency aid is needed to protect the most vulnerable from starvation. Our partnership in compassion will directly change lives as we bring life-saving aid and share the love of Christ. The next few weeks are the most critical, and now is the time to act. Will you partner with us to protect families from devastation?

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