Narmin and Raj Encounter the Living God

Raj had given his life to Christ some years prior and had since become a pastor in his village...

The Impact of One Gift – How the Lives of Fatimah and Shanti Were Transformed

Twelve-year-old Fatimah passed her days mending clothing by hand to earn some small bit of income for her family...

This Young Mother thought Her Fate was Sealed until the Lord Stepped In

Like many young girls in her village, by the time Saliha had become a teenager, she was already both a wife and a mother to a beautiful baby girl...

At 16, Pooja was terrified to discover her pregnancy was unlike others

Most girls in Pooja’s village are given in marriage at a young age, so it was not unusual for her to be pregnant at 16 years old. Many of her friends were as well...

When Shay had to choose between Christ and her husband, this miracle happened

She thought she lost everything when she committed to following Christ. Little did she know of the transformation it would have on others.

The Incredible Story of a Female Entrepreneur

She began with nothing. Now she is employing ten young women to help provide for their families.

Mahmud’s Trafficked Daughter

Our work is empowering men to protect their families.

Amina’s Pregnancy

GFM's prenatal and child delivery medical work is saving lives.

Begum’s Story

Empowering a blind woman to come out of poverty with dignity.

Help families prevent human trafficking.

Micro-loans can be instrumental in bringing lasting hope and transformation!

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