Asha means hope in Bengali

Millions of people face starvation and economic devastation from COVID-19’s impact. In countries like Bangladesh already ravaged by poverty, it’s becoming all too apparent that more people could potentially die from the economic impact of COVID-19 than from the virus itself. Reports from the UN World Food Program and other organizations show that 265 million people worldwide are at risk for starvation caused by the coronavirus pandemic – doubling estimates from 2019. Our teams are focusing on providing emergency aid relief and sustainable solutions to poverty to empower marginalized families to recover from financial disaster.

Right now, $1 million in micro-loans will help 8,300 families escape poverty and sustainably rebuild communities.

Emergency Aid Relief

Before COVID-19, over 51 million people in Bangladesh were food insecure and suffering from acute hunger. Now, as unemployed workers flee larger cities to shelter in rural areas, food shortages and price gouging are leaving millions destitute as their world collapses. In the rural villages most affected, our aid teams are making the difference for thousands of families facing starvation right now. Our response teams have distributed food and supplies to over 50,000 people in marginalized areas.

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Sustainable solutions for recovery

COVID-19 has decimated 20 years of economic growth in Bangladesh. After millions escaped poverty, now they are being pulled back. Lockdowns and canceled orders have impacted 15 million people in the garment industry, which accounts for 80% of Bangladesh’s exports.

We believe that micro-loans are the most sustainable tool to alleviate poverty and help families recover from COVID-19. Each micro-loan creates a viable business that empowers them to escape poverty. Our micro-loan teams provide financial education and coaching to launch their new business and create a new income that will enable their business to thrive for years to come. Loans are then re-invested in new families when repaid to sustainably transform communities. Right now, our 268,979 micro-loans are empowering families to sustainably lift themselves out of poverty.

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