Sheuli (pictured above) escaped poverty by becoming an entrepreneur and now employs eight people in her village.

It’s astonishing to see how one act of compassion can bring transformational hope to a family on the brink of devastation. But it’s even more astounding to see that hope multiply again and again from family to family. Sheuli’s story is not just an example of how families are being transformed – it’s a model for how our impact multiples again and again.
Every day, new families are filled with hope as they are empowered to escape poverty. This hope was multiplied to Sheuli’s rural village when we opened a micro-loan branch there. She and her husband, like many in her community, struggled to feed their families. Then she became an entrepreneur. Her success not only transformed their family out of poverty, but it also made her an employer – impacting the lives of eight others, and their families, in her community.
Our self sustaining programs bring hope and transformation to family after family, indefinitely. This next year, we’re believing and investing to impact a new region of over 2 million unreached people. Would you invest with us to see $1 million dollars multiply hope to unreached people?
Multiply Compassion. Multiply Hope.
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