A New Crop & a New Life

Nadiya was born in the middle of a crisis. Her village was starving and on the brink of collapse. Everyone, including her parents, were rice farmers. When she was born, large rice producers in a neighboring district began to flood the rural villages with cheap rice. With everyone in her region growing rice, prices began to plummet, along with her family’s only source of income.
Nadiya’s parents had nothing to plant that would earn them enough to survive. In their darkest hour, they were forced to consider selling Nadiya and her brother to a family in another village who could provide for them. But everything changed when they applied for a micro-loan.
When they met with our team, her parents still wanted to plant rice for the next harvest. Our loan officer suggested they plant a new crop instead that was flourishing in other districts – corn. With their micro-loan to buy seed, Nadiya’s parents were trained by our team on how to farm and harvest their new crop. The loan officer also helped them find a new market to sell their corn, where it was in high demand.
Their first harvest was remarkable. Nadiya’s family earned six times as much farming corn as they had during their best years growing rice. They did so well they were able to pay back their micro-loan ahead of schedule. They even earned enough money to provide for their family to buy seed for next year’s growing season.
Nadiya is now three years old, and her family is flourishing. Each corn harvest is the highlight of their year. For the first time, their family is planning to send her and her brother to school — something they thought they could never afford. Everything changed for them because someone was willing to reach out with compassion. You can reach out today to transform a family out of poverty and into prosperity.
Give a micro-loan as a gift today and see your impact multiplied!