Micro-loans Give Education

Sabina is an educator at heart. She is a teacher in one GFM’s 28 free rural village schools. Many of her students are the first in their family to go to school–breaking the cycle of illiteracy that was passed down through generations.
In her class, she teaches 30 students ranging from four to eleven years old. She sees herself in many of her students. When Sabina was six, she began school in much the same way. Her parents worked tirelessly for her to have the education they never did. From her earliest memories, she wanted to be a teacher–always wanting to make a difference and encourage her students in the same way her teachers did when she was young.

In her village, Sabina continued to go to school until age twelve when her parents could no longer afford to send her to school after losing a job. She had only two choices. She could get a job to help support her family (a “job opportunity” that would turn into human trafficking), or she would have to get married that year to keep from being a financial burden to them. In the poor rural villages of South Asia where GFM serves, thousands of young girls become child brides when their families cannot afford to support themselves.
Thankfully, there was another option. A micro-loan from GFM.
Her father learned about the micro-loan program and received a loan to buy a rickshaw in order to open his own business as a taxicab operator. Through the income of his new vocation, Sabina was able to re-enroll in school an avoid becoming a child bride statistic or a human trafficking victim. She then finished school and fulfilled her dream of becoming a teacher when GFM opened a school in her village.
Micro-loans and education are keys to transforming communities like Sabina’s. They open doors to economic development and holistic well-being, helping entire families come out of poverty with dignity. Sabina’s life would be radically different without the micro-loan that changed her life.

Give a micro-loan and transform lives today!