Economic Development Opens Doors

Sadiya and her family are experiencing a whole new life. For the first time in generations, poverty will not haunt her family.

Her father works in construction, and work is often hard to find. When he was working on a project, they could barely make ends meet. And when his job was completed, they had nothing. Sadiya’s mom had always made their clothes, as they couldn’t afford to buy them. She has always been a gifted seamstress, mending and making garments for family and friends to bring in extra income when work was scarce. She never dreamed she could turn her skill into a business

Sadiya’s parents then encountered GFM’s ministry branch through a friend who started a business with a micro-loan. After seeing her work as a seamstress, the loan officer suggested she buy a sewing machine to scale her work into a small business. Through her micro-loan and a new sewing machine, Sadiya’s mother’s business boomed. She opened a small tailor shop out of her home and began a new stream of income for her family. Because of their new business, Sadiya would not have to work to help support her family. This year she is enrolled in school for the first time, attending one of GFM’s 28 free primary schools.

Her family now has opportunities that before seemed impossible. Their new business provides consistent food for the family, even when her father is between construction jobs. Thanks to a micro-loan, escaping poverty is now becoming a reality instead of just a dream. Thousands of families’ lives are being transformed through GFM’s Economic Development programs. You can open new doors for a family to start a business and escape poverty with dignity.

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