Education Is Everything

Seven-year-old Anik wants to be a doctor. He lives on a remote island in the middle of a large river in South Asia, without electricity, without running water, and without an opportunity for an education – until this year. Both of his parents cannot read or write, and without the help of GFM’s schools, Anik’s education would not be possible.

In the rural and most impoverished communities where we serve, scarcely 1 in 10 adults can read and write, even on a minimal level. Barriers to education keep families in poverty and limit the future of students hopes and dreams.

Parents in poverty in South Asia feel helpless to give their children a better future. To put food on the table, children are often relied upon to support the family income. The financial strain is so great that parents often feel compelled to marry off their young girls or succumb to human trafficking schemes as solutions to hunger.

These hardworking families make less than $2/day, and they are thankful for the life-changing opportunity to attend school. For so many, GFM’s schools bring their first, and cherished, opportunity to break a cycle of illiteracy.

Anik’s family is thankful for GFM’s programs. With the help of a micro-loan, his mother and father began raising goats. From this new income, their family now has plenty of food to eat. Anik is now attending one of GFM’s 28 rural primary schools and has opportunities for a brighter future. Because of your support, Anik’s family has escaped poverty. His future is now bright as he attends school and breaks the cycle of illiteracy in his family!