Narmin and Raj Encounter the Living God

A few times a year, GFM trains Muslim-background believer (MBB) pastors in South Asia, who would otherwise have no access to Scripture or resources that would help them better understand their new faith. This past year, GFM held a conference for these pastors from throughout the rural areas to be equipped to better understand the Word and shepherd their flocks.

Among those 50 pastors was a man name Raj. He had given his life to Christ some years prior and had since become a pastor in his village; however, Raj’s wife, Narmin, had not yet accepted Christ. During the conference, Raj received word that Narmin had fallen very ill. As he was several hours’ journey away from her, all he could think to do was pray, so all 50 of the pastors came together and prayed earnestly for Narmin’s health to return. After this time of prayer, the pastors retired to their dorm rooms for the evening.

When the group reconvened the next day, Raj could hardly wait to share some news he had received from Narmin. She had called to tell him that while she was suffering at home, knowing of no one who could help her, a stranger showed up to take her to the hospital. By the time she had arrived at the hospital, the doctor could find nothing wrong with her! Astonished, Narmin could only think to ask: How? As she recounted the story to Raj, he realized that these miracles had taken place at the very time that he and the other pastors were praying for Narmin! He explained to her that Jesus had sent someone to take her to the hospital and that Jesus had healed her even while she was on her way.

Shortly after Raj returned home he shared his faith with his wife, and she trusted Christ, amazed at how this living, loving God truly answers prayer. When GFM gathered the pastors for another conference several months later, Raj attended again, and this time with Narmin! Narmin shared her testimony of the miraculous way Jesus had provided for and healed her. She was so overflowing with joy and adoration for Jesus which she expressed in songs that she shared with the pastors. Everyone was amazed at the songs that so beautifully expressed the Gospel in their native language, and they praised Jesus for drawing Narmin to Himself.  Now she ministers alongside her husband in a rural village.

We serve a living God who answers prayer and is drawing the lost to Himself in mighty and miraculous ways. We encourage you to join us in this movement of God in the hearts and lives of Muslims.