This Young Mother thought Her Fate was Sealed until the Lord Stepped In


Like many young girls in her village, by the time Saliha had become a teenager, she was already both a wife and a mother to a beautiful baby girl. Every day, she worked to care for her child as any loving mother would. One day, as she went about her household duties, she noticed a rash forming on her abdomen. Thinking nothing of it she went about her daily routine. As time progressed, she came to the realization that her “rash” was a more serious issue. Saliha had contracted a fatal skin disease.
Days passed and Saliha’s condition had become so serious that her husband decided to move her out of their home and back to her mother’s, not wanting the liability of having a sickly wife. In a matter of weeks, Saliha had gone from living the life of a happy young mother and wife to the life of a woman with numbered days. Filled with despair, she had no idea what she could do to fix her seemingly hopeless situation. All of that changed the moment she met the medical team of GFM.
After a quick assessment, GFM’s medical team was able to provide Saliha with the medical attention she so desperately needed. Following seven days of antibiotic shots and prayer that she would be cured, the Lord healed her illness! This miracle not only gave her health back, but restored the family she had lost in the process. Today, Saliha continues to live her life as both mother and wife, but this time in full health!

How simple it should have been for Saliha’s to access more immediate medical care.Unfortunately, in many of the remote rural areas where GFM ministries works, the people have no opportunity to visit a doctor or receive medicine. Will you join us in praying for her continual physical health and, most importantly, that she would realize her need for spiritual healing through Christ?

Join us in praying that more like Saliha can find relief and hope through the work of GFM Ministries.  Pray the Lord would grow our medical relief efforts, so more like Saliha can be healed and hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Bring Medical relief to a woman in need