The air was tense. The small crowd that had gathered for this village meeting hardly dared to breathe. Some were angry; others were afraid. This woman, Shay, had recently told her husband Rakib that she was now a follower of Jesus. She was the first believer in their village, thanks to the staff of GFM’s partner NGO who had shared the Good News with her. Her husband was unhappy about this decision, but when it was clear that she had made up her mind, he brought her before the entire village in this meeting in an attempt to convince her to renounce this new faith.

With all eyes watching, Shay stood before Rakib, her neighbors, the village leaders, and the staff of the NGO.

“There will be no Christians in my home,” Rakib said angrily. “You must choose between them” –at this, he pointed toward the NGO staff–”and me. Whose side are you on?”

“I choose Jesus,” Shay said confidently. At that, her husband made it clear that she was no longer welcome in his home. Shay stood for a moment, wondering where she would go. The NGO staff approached her, offering her employment and a place to stay, which she accepted with gratitude.

Months passed of Shay working faithfully for this NGO and for the Lord. Everyone around noticed a marked difference in her – she was so joyful and diligent! Even her husband would see her or hear members of his community talking about how she had changed for the better. Could it possibly be that this new faith in Jesus has changed her? Rakib wondered, not daring to voice his curiosity just yet.

As he saw more and more of the change in Shay, Rakib finally found the boldness to ask the NGO workers to tell him about this Jesus who had transformed his wife. As he learned, the Lord continued to open his heart. Finally, he said that he wanted to know Jesus too! He repented of his anger and harshness toward his wife, asking if she would forgive him and come to be with him again. Shay was able to forgive him and gladly returned back home, rejoicing at how Jesus had redeemed not only herself, but her husband as well.

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