Rehena grew up poor.  Helping her mother clean and repair clothing throughout her childhood earned her little more than a few cents per day.  Being forced to live on no more than a daily handful of rice, Rehena knew the sting of hunger all too well.  As she grew she had little education and very few skills to her advantage.  With the little background she had, she did, however, know how to work with fabric.

When she discovered two years ago the chance of taking out a small loan with GFM Ministries, she saw an opportunity.  With a loan of about $200 USD, Rehena bought her very first sewing machine and quickly began teaching herself clothing design and manufacture.  It didn’t take long before the community began noticing the quality of her work and the Lord began blessing her business.

What has become of Rehena today?  She now employs 10 young ladies, helping them earn a living and provide for their families.  Her business supplies over 15 clothing shops, creating everything from hand-crafted dresses to pocketed shorts for kids.  She’s even now begun campaigning to run for city council!

Rehena’s success story is one of many within the work of GFM Ministries.  And, where did it begin?  It all began with the generosity of someone like you offering $200 to a young woman in need.  This is what community transformation looks like.  This is what the work of Christ looks like, and because of support like this, we have seen tens of thousands come to know the grace and hope of Christ.

Partner with us in transforming the lives of those in Bangladesh today!
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