Amina was afraid as her due date swiftly approached. The village midwife had already predicted Amina’s childbirth would be difficult. Amina thought frequently of her other young friends and neighbors who had died in childbirth. Lacking nearby medical care, she knew childbearing was a risky endeavor in her community. When their parents can no longer afford to care for them, young girls in their early teens–such as Amina–have no choice but to enter into arranged marriages. These marriages soon lead to pregnancy, a high-risk activity for girls so young.

The day Amina went into labor, her delivery quickly became life-threatening. GFM’s midwife said that Amina’s case was too complicated, and she needed to be seen by a trained doctor. Amina was sent on the three-hour journey to reach the nearest hospital, which consisted of a jolting horse cart, a noisy motor boat, and finally a bumpy car ride, all while she was in labor. She reached the hospital just in time for both her and her baby’s life to be saved! She was soon able to return home with a healthy newborn to proudly show to all of her family and neighbors. We bless God for GFM’s medical staff who had helped her throughout her pregnancy.

Many girls’ stories, however, do not end so happily. In the rural areas where GFM Ministries works, young mothers die in childbirth every day simply because they have no access to proper health care. It only costs $300 for GFM to fund the salary of a full-time OBGYN specialist for a month in these rural South Asian villages. Will you consider partnering with us to provide these women with life – both physical and eternal? A donation of any size can begin helping new mothers receive proper and life-saving medical care. As always, GFM stands by its promise to send 100% of your donation directly to the field.

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